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This website is designed to tell you more about Pilates, who I am and what I do.  I hope it will help you make an informed decision about whether or not you would like to try out one of my classes that I run in Edinburgh.

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What is Pilates?   Pilates is a holistic exercise system designed to elongate, strengthen and restore the body to balance – So much more than just building a ‘strong core’ or ‘perfect posture’.

Exercises involve the whole body and are performed on spring-assisted apparatus or mat, sometimes utilising small equipment.

Pilates is effective as it addresses underlying structural imbalances in the body which can create on-going pain and difficulty with movement.  The whole body is considered.  Lengthened and strengthened muscles improve posture and overall fitness.  Optimum physical function can be restored as dysfunctional movement patterns are corrected.

Pilates is beneficial for everyone regardless of their age, ability or fitness level.

Regular practitioners of Pilates feel a heightened sense of awareness and ease in their bodies giving them increased mobility and reducing pain.  This  freedom ultimately leads to increased satisfaction on life!

About myself –Profile picture of Jeanine Byrne

I worked for many years as a theatre lighting designer.  I often worked with dance companies and through many hours of watching rehersals I became fascinated with the way the body moves and the  differences in movement patterns from one person to another.  This added to my growing interest in Pilates.  I also dance for  fun, I do Cunningham Technique classes and find the disciplines of Cunningham and Pilates very complimentary.

I trained with and am a member of the Pilates Foundation.  The Pilates Foundation offers the longest and most rigorous training available in the UK.

A thorough knowledge of the muscular skeletal system is  required  and a good knowledge of the  various pathologies that might be helped or affected by practising Pilates.

Pilates Foundation teachers are required to continue learning throughout their career by attending workshops and classes on a regular basis.

I have practised Pilates for many years and have taught mat  work since 2009.

I love Pilates and truly believe it can make a really positive addition to people’s lives.

I have also completed a two year training as a studio/equipment Pilates teacher qualifying in 2011.   This has deepened my understanding of the Pilates method and the benefits it brings to mind and body.

Here is some of the feedback that people have given me

“I have been doing Pilates classes for over 15 years and have had several teachers over this time.  Jeanine stands-out from all the others. As well as being knowledgable, encouraging and creative in her teaching style she is also extrememly warm and friendly in her approach to those who attend her classes.”  BC

“My default position is I can’t.  Jeanine’s teaching has shown me I can.  her approach is supportive, poitive and motivational.” VO

“Jeanine’s good humour and encouraging manner helps me to work hard in the class -I feel so much more supple and strong since starting pilates” JH

“I have learnt a lot about my body from Jeanine’s classes and I am now able to manage my back pain without resorting to painkillers”. KG

“I look forward to my Pilates sessions with Jeanine. I have fun and feel so much better after a class” HM



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