My classes

My Timetable for Classes

Studio classes are all taught here in my private studio

Monday –  Studio sessions 1-1       10am- 5pm

Tuesday –  Studio sessions 1-1      10am- 5pm

Wednesday -Studio sessions 1-1  10am- 5pm

Studio will reopen on  August 24th



Hopefully mat classes can resume August 26th TBC


6.00 pm Advanced Mat Class at St Columba’s  Church Hall.

7.00 pm  Intermediate Mat Class at St Columba’s Church Hall.



I teach studio sessions in my small private studio in the Colinton area of Edinburgh.  The studio is fully equipped with the most up-to date ‘Balanced Body’ equipment.  There is an Allegro 2 reformer, a ‘tower of power’ that allows 95% of Cadillac  exercises;  an Exo Wunda chair with arm and leg springs; a ladder barrel, a baby arc and a spine corrector.


An image showing the interior of my studio


Another interior view of my studio


Working one-to-one or one-to-two allows me to give you lots of attention and really address the issues/areas you want to work on.  I do have a limited amount of slots available, so please, do get in touch if you are interested.  You can either email me ( or text (07808 856889).

The cost of studio sessions are £48 for one-to-one or £36 per person for one-to-two.  This is the cost if you are booking a single class. If you book a block of ten classes the cost is £450 for 1-1. £330 for 1-2.

Concession rates are available, £40 for 1-1.  £30 for 1-2.

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Mat classes are held at St Columba’s Church middle hall, 9 Upper Grey St, Edinburgh EH9 15N see map.  Mat classes at St Columba’s Church Hall are £8.50 per class or £7.50 for concessions  if booking for the entire term.  Drop in rate is £12 per class.

To enquire about spaces in mat classes please email me ( or text me (07808 856889)









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